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Essential Oils: Things You Need To Know About

Posted by Admin on December, 16, 2019

Essentials oils are generally highly concentrated oils that are extracted from leaves, flowers, roots and other parts of plants. Extracted by using the process that includes the application of steam until the oil vaporizes (called steam distillation), essential oils capture the scent or flavor of the plant.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

When the essential oil molecules are absorbed through the skin or inhaled during aromatherapy, they influence the brain areas (such as the limbic system) and nervous system. They can affect brain chemicals, hormones, metabolism, and other body functions. Essential oils are often used to boost mood, ease stress, get a better night's sleep, and even repel insects.

How To Use Essential Oils?

• Inhalation
As the essential oils are highly concentrated, they shouldn't be inhaled directly from the bottle. An aromatherapy diffuser is often used to release the essential oil into the air. Other inhalation methods are steam inhalation or applying a drop or two of the essential oil to a tissue, cotton ball or handkerchief and placing it nearby.

• Topical Use
As they are too strong, essential oils cannot be applied directly to the skin. They are usually diluted in the carrier oil such as apricot kernel oil, almond oil, or avocado oil before being applied to the skin during an aromatherapy massage, bath, spa treatment, compress, or spot treatment. Essential oils can also be used in soap, shampoo, lotion, bath salts, and candles.

Types Of Essential Oils That are Commonly Used:

Of the plenty of essential oils available in the market, some of the commonly used essential oils include:

• Clary Sage Oil: This oil can help to relieve hot flashes and promote sleep.
• Eucalyptus Oil: This oil is used as an ingredient in steam inhalations to clear congestion and colds.
• Lavender Oil: This oil is widely used for relaxation and to improve sleep.
• Lemon Oil: This oil can help to boost mood, energy, aid digestion and treat headaches.
• Lemongrass Oil: This oil can be used for relieving stress and boosting immune function.
• Peppermint Oil: This oil is used to treat headaches and other types of body pain.
• Rose Oil: This oil contains a soothing scent that is used to ease stress and ease menstrual cramps.
• Rosemary Oil: This oil has a stimulating aroma that can boost attention and focus.
• Tea Tree Oil: This oil is used to treat fungal skin infections and as a spot treatment for acne.
• Sandalwood oil: This oil is used to calm the nerves. It also helps to boost attention and focus.
• Bergamot oil: This oil is used to relieve stress and improves skin conditions such as eczema.
• Chamomile oil: This oil is used to boost mood and improve relaxation.
• Ylang-Ylang oil: This oil is used to treat nausea, headaches, and various skin conditions.
• Jasmine oil: This oil is used to help with childbirth, libido, and depression.

Many companies dealing with essential oils claim that their oils are pure and are of medical-grade. The quality and composition of essential oils can vary greatly depending on the manufacturing process. One should keep the below-mentioned tips in mind to select only high-quality oils:

• Purity- You should choose the oil that contains only aromatic plant compounds, without synthetic oils and other additives.
• Quality- You should go for a chemical-free essential oil that has been extracted through mechanical cold pressing or distillation.
• Reputation-You should buy a brand with a reputation for manufacturing high-quality products. You need to look out for one of the trustworthy essential oil manufacturers in the market to get the best product at a reasonable price.

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